Number who have been informed.

Friday, October 21, 2011


We saw ///It///. Watched us for about two hours. My hands are still shaking, and Rose is still crying under the covers. That Cat seems to be having a good time though. I don't have a clue where it is getting its food from, and it is always impeccably clean. Oh well. Nothing much to report, aside from some crazy proxy commenting on H(a)unting, and the Other Operator seems to sacrificed something to save Shelby. I hope you are alright, Other. If anyone know of anything i missed, or have heard ANYTHING about Albus, or where he might be, please tell us in the comments.

Good Luck to everyone, and keep those eyes open.


  1. Hey Theo, have we decided what to do about PROPHET yet?

  2. Ohgodohgodohgod.

    Idon't know wherrtheo went
    andnoone else is hear.

    I can haer them coming in theae house


  3. We're outside doing what we can, try to remain calm.

  4. Guys, we are safe. We did not see either of you. This house we are in.. it messes things up. We heard the fighting, but the proxies were still there, unaffected. Rose did find me, i had fallen down the stairs and was knocked unconscious after retrieving the handgun. I fired blindly at the proxies, and they scattered. Thanks for helping, but we did not see you at all. Could you see us?

  5. No... We though they had kidnapped you, we were fighting to get one unconscious for interrogation about where they were based...

    The hell is going on?

  6. Wait, what happened to them on your end? Ours ran int the nearby woods.

  7. We were forced to retreat back through the path. That one that survived the hellfire missile was giving Ernie trouble, so we saw the fight as hopeless after that. (Ernie's a demon straight from hell. Ask Clark, he's the one that got me him.)

    I think they were causing us to hallucinate or something, which explains why we couldn't see you guys and vice-versa.

  8. How could we have caused you to hallucinate? Anyway, this house is very weird. We see... things in the mirrors, but only out of the corners of our eyes. And we see Slenderman in the mirrors sometimes, which freaks us the fuck out.

    I want to leave, but i feel like i cant.

  9. I think The Other was in a similar place recently, he may be able to help you guys out.

    As for the hallucinations, Nate's journal says he was able to cause them (Which is what happened to PROPHET, but intense), so maybe Slendy's already got himself a replacement Fear.

    In any case, glad to hear you guys are out of danger for now. Call us if it happens again (And hopefully Tony won't almost kill me with Glyphs).