Number who have been informed.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

To Clarify.

Ok, first off, Good Luck Stephanie, we are hoping for you, even if you think we are morons. We never "joined" Prophet. He e-mailed us the blog info, and said we could have it. We wanted to try to get news out to other bloggers/runners, so they could know whats going on. Prophet is a schizophrenic jerk-off, and I really hope Slendy or ///It/// find him in a dark alley. I apologize to everyone if it appeared that we had sided with him.

Alright, its time I said something. I don't think we can fight this, or not yet at least. Drew was our best hope, and he is gone.

 I am telling you, don't go trying to fight this, or luring one of "those two". They will kill you, or worse. Our best hope is to run, and hide. Prophet got lots of people killed for him, just because they listened to him. He is going to try again, in all probability, or someone else like him will take his place. Either way, there will always be someone who has seen too many movies, who thinks that we can overcome this with the indomitable power of the human spirit or some shit.

Stay on your toes, and keep moving. Don't look behind you, and keep your friends close.

-All our love, Theo & Rose.

EDIT: Ok, we have a problem. Alexis (another former proxy who knew Drew) is going after Sandra. Shit.