Number who have been informed.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Alright, sorry people. We had to abandon the house we were in, and have not had time to post on here.

Happy New Year! *confetti*

Spent ours in a tent, while a thunderstorm was raging outside.

News time! :D

No new stuff from Stephanie and Alexis (Scared) , and it appears Matt, Lya, and Sandra [H(a)unting] have discovered/aggravated a new "Eldy", called SeedEater. Maybe some crazy proxy? Anyway, best of luck to you guys.
Speaking of which, Nathan Umbra (Shadows see all) is back, and has defected to the enemy's side, or something. The posts are so convoluted, we can't tell.
Thankfully, Prophet has  been quiet lately.

Also, has anyone managed to come up with a list of (relatively) safe places for runners to hide/ people that are willing to help? and maybe a list of places/people/entities to avoid? Just something to think about.
And, please notify us of any other blogs you would like us to post updates on.

-Theo & Rose