Number who have been informed.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I don't know what to say.

So, "BLINDPROPHET" sent me an email, handing the blog over to us. Cowardly bastard.
Well, i don't know what to do with this. I liked his original idea, but not fighting them directly. Just a place to get news. We can't fight it now, and i don't know if we ever can.

But we can run, and hope.



  1. Seems the Prophet has left his followers to die. This was ridiculous ride, and Drew regrets ever getting involved with them. We can assure you that PROPHET is no threat, and that The "rake-type creature" is non existant.

    It's funny they leave after Drew calls them out. As you said, fucking cowards!

    Jack Tyler, happy to be back!

  2. Great to have you back. Before our past caught up with us, we were avid readers of your blog. Im sorry to ask, but have you heard from Albus? if you know who he is?


  3. No, there is not a Rake-Type creature. It's a manufactured fear, actually.

    Regardless, Nate's gone. I'm taking his blog over. Need any assistance?

  4. Also, Jack. Would you be willing to give us any news? We are not going to try and fight him, but we want to keep people informed, that way they don't have to comb through each and every blog.

  5. I'll inform you of any Ola'asu related news I come across.

  6. Oh, it's a manufactured fear. And it ate them. It really ate two people? I doubt that, regardless PROPHET And Nathan were insane, and as for news, well right now... ///It/// is no where to be seen.

    Good for us, bad for everyone else.

    He can't find me now for some reason so he is clueless. This means he'll have others to focus on more.

    And by the way, should you choose to speak of Slenderman, say SLENDERMAN!!!

    Not Ola'asu

    Why the fuck do we call him that. Why not call him He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named if your that afraid of a name.

    Whatever, happy that this blog might actually help people for once.


  7. Actually, it's the other way around. His name, as he himself said, is Ola'asu. Most people call him 'Slender Man' for lack of another name.

  8. It's what He told Clark to call him.

    And I fully realize they were insane. Doesn't change the fact that SOMETHING ate those bodies.

  9. Well, that went badly.

    ....and lasted about a week.

    Good luck to anyone who tries to take this in a different direction.

  10. Funny, felt like a year to me. Ah well.

  11. Ahh, Clarky, only you can make temporal displacement funny~.

    But I maintain my wish of good luck to the new managment. Though I know you won't need/want my help, I will keep my eyes open.