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Monday, November 28, 2011

Hey. (Again)

So, that last post was not put up by us.

Does anyone know who did this?

Anyway, i apologize for my/our absence. That whole Albus thing was some kind of hallucination we shared, and we blacked out shortly afterwards. I am not sure what happened in the days between, it is so hazy now. I (we) remember (vaguely) wandering through a seemingly endless house, and blacking out at random intervals.

We returned (although i am not entirely sure we actually went anywhere physically) on the 23rd, and nothing appeared to have changed. The cat wasn't even hungry. We have not seen any Slendermen or Proxies, so all is good there. We have been getting some odd emails, but nothing to worry about, probably some idiot with nothing better to do. So, yeah, we are alive, but confused to the nth degree, and i guess we have been hacked, or have become sleep-posters.

News Time! So, again, i apologize for our absence, and thus, the lack of news on this blog. Though, as of now, not too many people rely upon this anyway.

H(a)unting is back, although im not entirely sure what their situation is.

Now, i have some bad news. Drew is dead, and Jack is presumed the same. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you Stephanie, And tell us if you need anything.

We are back, and glad to be so.

Theo, Rose, and Lo ("That Cat")


  1. In case you were wondering, the post you didn't make was lyrics to a song called Disgustipated by Tool.

  2. Yeah, we know. Im honestly confused as to why someone would post this, and what the term "Fallout" has to do with it.




  4. ...
    Last time he did that, Nate was fucking with him.

    I have a very bad feeling about this...

  5. You and me both. Prophet, kindly go stick your head in a wood-chipper.

  6. Your a joke Prophet a sad joke.

    Drew may have died but he died sane and intelligent. And correct.

    Your a psycho who can't seem to decide if he's good or evil and has delusions of godhood.

    I'm off to find Jack. This may be my last post ever. Reagrdless I'm done with you morons.

    You Prophet for being a psychotic moron who fails at existance.

    You Phobos for being best friends with a psycho and having a child even though you are in a living nightmare.

    And especially you Stumpy(Rose) for trusting and joining these jackasses even when Drew, Jack, and I told you they were psycho morons.

    I wash my hands of you morons once and for all. I'm off to save Jack or in the end, die trying.